Festival de Choco

The title of this post may be misleading. No, it is not going to be about chocolate (however, there is also the Chocolate Festival in Portugal. Stay tuned!)

“Choco” in Portuguese means “cuttlefish”. And where is the best cuttlefish in the world? Of course in Setubal! It is located 40km south from Lisbon and it’s known for the best fish in the world. Well.. up to now I didn’t eat better quality fish than here!

From February 22 until March 9 Setubal is a host of The Cuttlefish Festival (“Festival de choco”). Over 50 restaurants prepared the special menus with “choco”, for all tastes. My number one is always the traditional “choco frito” – fried cuttlefish served with fried potatoes and a special souse. Amazing! I suspect this is the Portuguese answer for English fish and chips:


On the last day of the festival, at “Casa da Baia” you can attend the live cooking with chef Fernanda Amaro. For more info visit the website of The City Hall of Setubal

We will be back to Setubal soon. There is more than “choco” to be back to!

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