Almond blossom


According to the legend, the almond trees appeared in Portugal in the time of the Moors. The young king Ibn-Almundim have been cultivating almond trees because he wanted to please his Nordic princess, who missed the snow of her homeland. Can you imagine a blanket of snow covering the horizon, when the almond trees blossom? This beautiful and serene landscape is even better than the real snow, because flavored with sweet scent that announces the Spring. Read more.

Blossoming almond trees can’t pass unnoticed. Miles and miles of white and pink valleys can be admired all over the country. However, the right to use the name “Almond Route” belongs to Douro located in the North Portugal. During February and March, there are many activities related to this special season of blossoming almond trees. And yes, there is a festival too 🙂

Amondoeira em Flor - Torre de Moncorovo

You can also take a journey with CP to visit the marvelous Douro painted white and pink (consult the details of Almond Circuit 2014). The last train departs from Porto this Saturday, March 15. Don’t miss it!

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