Carnival – almost like in Rio!

Portugal is the country of parties, festivals and joy. Crisis? Forget it… Carnival, that’s the spirit!

Since the last Friday the streets of Lisbon are full of dressed up teenagers and kids. Superheros and princesses are the ever lasting winners, but you can also meet the hippies and Gothic witches.

But Lisbon is not the center of Carnival activities. 50km north from the Portuguese capital, surrounded by the gentle hills and valleys, there is a city known for the best Carnival parties of Portugal. Torres Vedras.

The party started on February 28 and will finish on May 5. For a week the streets of Torres Vedras are filled with music, dance, colors, friends, drinks, parades,… Just like in Rio de Janeiro! With a little luck, the temperatures are OK to take off the jackets and show the costume specially prepared for this occasion.

Carnival Torres Vedras

The climax of the Carnival in Torres Vedras is the last night, from Monday to Tuesday. Thousands of dressed up people are participating in the colorful parade, in the rhythm of happy Brazilian music. You won’t get lost there – just mix with the crowd and follow the DJ trucks. Get crazy! Nobody will recognize you in bombastic stewardess uniform… 😉

Watch the video from tonight’s parade @ Torres Vedras!

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