The loveliest day in the year

Today is the loveliest day in the year.
There is something special about love in Portugal. Is it the light? Is it the music?

Discover 10 reasons to fall in love in Portugal by Vera.

If you are spending this day in Portugal, you have inumerous offers to choose from!

Check out the programme of “Ás vezes o amor” – The Valentine’s Day music festival that takes place today in 8 cities across the country. With or without the 2nd half, it seems to be a nice alternative for the cinema today… 😉

In Lisbon, you can choose from the activities prepared by Camara Municipal de Lisboa. The agenda for this weekend is full! Click on the image for details (available only in Poruguese):

Enamorados por Lisboa 2015

And for the last minute surprises you can always go to MYGON 🙂

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